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Ashbourne Shrovetide

Our operation is somewhat delicate. Out of the back of a car we erect tables, gas bbq’s, flimsy boardings and a very light gazebo. A gust of wind is the least of our worries as we look through the streets […]

Our 1st Real Event

Myles took the plunge and being well networked in Bakewell he managed to get us a last minute spot at the Bakewell Christmas fair,  30th Nov/1st Dec 2013.  We had just over 5 weeks to prepare, we had nothing but […]

The Kitchen Sessions

Armed with a basket full of incredible produce we set out on the task to create a new food offer that could be cooked anywhere, eaten anywhere, was delicious, innovative and different – oh and didn’t need a lot of […]


I had been looking for about a year for a new business project with some meat and long term legs. Ideas came and went. Potential business partners came and went. I found myself with the motivation and ambition but not […]

How it all started

I have always had a love of food and have been lucky enough to have worked in the food industry for the last 12 years.  I now work with some amazing producers in Italy and Spain, I wanted to find […]